NY Prison Escapees May Be Found On Television Screen Near You!

NY Prison Escapees May Be Found On Television Screen Near You!

We reported a few weeks ago on two prisoners who escaped out of a New York maximum security prison. Well it looks like the prisoners are getting another big break and this time it may land them on the big screen!


According to TMZ, an entertainment company by the name of Johnson Production Group is interested in doing a show on the two murderers’ great escape. Well that was quick! Sources tell TMZ that the show will be “chronicling the escape, the manhunt and hopefully the capture from the vantage point of Joyce Mitchell, the woman who allegedly helped them bust out.”


The story behind the prison break has ironically shifted from the prisoners to Joyce Mitchell and it is most likely the reason behind the television deal. According to NBC News, Mitchell had allegedly had sex with at least one of the inmates if not both even though she has a husband. She was also an instructor at the prison’s tailor shop and helped the prisoner’s escape by giving them hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch and a screwdriver. 


As if this story isn’t crazy enough the plot thickens even more. Allegedly, she was also supposed to be the getaway driver but backed out last minute. She did not want to go through with the allege plot of killing her husband, which was also a part of the escape plan. She realized she loved her husband too much and checked herself into a hospital after having a panic attack. She is currently incarcerated on $200,000 bond.  



The company, also has ties to Lifetime and Hulu, told TMZ, people are more fascinated with female criminals and they believe this story will have a lot of viewers. They are confident that the show will air within the next 5 months and hope to also video the capture of the two prisoners. 


Matt and Sweat duped prison guards when they used makeshift dummies in their beds as they snuck beyond prison walls through a maze of pipes with the help of power tools. Currently there are over 500 men assigned to search for the escapees, who are now on the U.S. Marshall “15 Most Wanted” list.





Sources Sited: TMZ


Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz3dWhoszMU


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