Mother & Daughters Attack Defenseless NYC Cashier (Video)

NYC Supermarket Offers $2.5K Reward After Mother & ‘Grown Daughters’ Attack Defenseless Cashier, 25 (Video)

A 25-year-old cashier was recently attacked by a woman and her alleged “grown daughters,” as reported by the New York Post. The incident took place on Sunday in a Bronx grocery store, and the shocking assault was caught on video.

The Incident Reportedly Stemmed From An Argument A Week Prior

According to the outlet, the incident took place at Food Universe in Fordham Manor on Sunday afternoon. Surveillance footage, obtained by New York Post, shows a group of women storming into the store, and beating the cashier as she stood behind a register, defenseless.

Fellow store employees are seen desperately trying to separate the attackers from the cashier, 25-year-old Lisbel Rodriguez Luna.

Luna, who the outlet says is “still recovering at home,” revealed that the assault stemmed from an incident a week earlier. She said she called out the mother for “skipping the line.” Allegedly, the woman was trying to “turn in a ticket for cash in return for recyclables.”

There were two other women on line and she came around and handed me the ticket and I asked her, I said, ‘Miss, is it your turn? Did she give you her turn?,’ I asked, pointing to the woman who was waiting in line.

Luna shared the woman’s alleged response.

She said, ‘Bitch, that’s not your business. You better just give me my money. I’m going to kick your ass. I’m going to f*****g kill you. I’m going to bring my daughters and we’re all going to kick your ass!’

Luna said she took her ticket and gave her $15 for the transaction, but added that she was “terrified.”

The Grocery Store Tried To De-escalate The Situation

The grocery store manager, Jose Minaya, told the outlet that he “intercepted” the woman when she returned to the store on Sunday. He tried to de-escalate the situation and even took Luna to the back of the store to “hide out” for ten minutes.

However, Minaya explained that the woman waited outside.

You can see her here in the video waiting outside, calling her daughters and then her daughters came. It was three daughters and another older woman, so there were five of them all together.

Additionally, he said the women “met up outside,” walked into the store, and “just immediately attacked.”

The Aftermath Of The Assault

In an interview with the outlet, Luna explained that she’s terrified to return to the grocery store.

No one ever attacked me like that…

To make matters direr for Luna, her attackers still haven’t been caught. However, she says she has no choice but to eventually return to work.

I have to come back. I have to work. I need money. I need my job. I don’t know what else I can do.

According to New York Post, cops were called to the store after the assault, and “the incident is under investigation.” Furthermore, the supermarket is now offering a $2,500 reward “for information leading to the arrest of a mother and her two adult daughters,” as reported by Daily News.

Lastly, the supermarket’s owner Pedro Groico is calling on NYC politicians to do more to protect workers.

People are just going crazy right now. They feel they can come in and do whatever they want because there’s no repercussions to their actions…

We’re asking politicians to send a message loud and clear. We need our employees to be considered essential workers like they were during COVID-19. These women are on the frontline.


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