TSR Exclusive Details: It sounds like Kevin McCall was really on one the other day when he was arrested by court officers in Atlanta while on his way to a custody hearing for his daughter Marly Rae that he shares with #RHOA star Eva Marcille.

Now we all seen him wildin’ out in the courthouse while on IG live and even threatened an officer. But what we didn’t see was the aftermath of when that video cut off.

Officers knew that they had to get Kevin McCall out of that courthouse and called for backup to escort him out. As they tried to do so, they asked Kevin for his ID, to which he replied, “I ain’t got a damn ID because I got robbed last week!,” according to the arrest report, obtained by The Shade Room. That’s apparently when things got real.

As officers got closer and asked Kevin for his name and date of birth, he yelled out “N***a my name is God” before tussling with the officers and tumbling down an escalator. Officers said Kevin did a lot of resisting before they were finally able to get him in cuffs.

During the scuffle, Kevin is also accused of breaking one of the officer’s eyeglasses, which the officer said was valued at more than $500. That probably explains why Kevin was hit with a criminal damage to property charge in addition to four other charges as a result of this incident including, assault, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats and obstruction of law enforcement.

During his first court appearance on the charges after spending the night in jail, a judge increased his bond to $11,500, a $2,000 increased from the initial $9,500 because Kevin claimed he was a gang member. His private attorney also never showed up to court and he was assigned a public defender instead.

The judge had this to say during the court proceedings regarding Kevin’s case: From recent training that we’ve had, I have a concern with one of the warrants. What does concern me is the terroristic threat misdemeanor charge. That clearly is something that we are looking at closely in Georgia, regarding gang membership.”

Kevin McCall’s next court date has been set for November 20th.