Offset Was Detained By Beverly Hills Police After Reportedly Getting Into An Altercation With Trump Supporters

Offset Was Detained By Beverly Hills Police After Reportedly Getting Into An Altercation With Trump Supporters

Offset was detained and let go by Beverly Hills police Saturday afternoon after he reportedly got into an altercation with a few Trump supporters during a rally that was taking place in the streets.

Offset, who was with his wife Cardi B, got into a back and forth with officers who told him that they were called to the scene after a report of a man pointing guns outside of his vehicle window.

Witnesses at the scene and a rep for Offset said prior to police pulling Offset over, a Trump supporter allegedly struck the vehicle Offset and Cardi were riding in with a pole.

You can also hear Offset explain that he was being harassed to the police as they attempted to take him out of his vehicle.

Prior to Offset getting stopped by the police, Cardi had uploaded videos to her IG story showing protesters. She could be heard saying, “I really feel like we gon’ get jumped” and also saying that she was scared.

While there was no footage of the altercation, Offset did go live as police questioned him and told him to get out of the car.

“I’m a f***ing celebrity! Do you know who I am? I’m Offset from the Migos,” Offset angrily told the officers who stopped him. 

A female officer then tells Set they received a call about him allegedly waving guns at people.

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag,” Offset explained to the police.

You then see in the video a male officer reach inside Offset’s vehicle to open his vehicle while Set told them that what they were doing was illegal before he was pulled from the vehicle.

After being detained for a short while, witnesses at the scene tell us Beverly Hills police let Offset go.

A rep for Offset gave us the following statement on the matter:

“Offset was detained by the Beverly Hills Police Department following an attack by aggressive Trump supporters. He was released shortly thereafter. Offset thanks his fans for their support and wishes everyone peace and safety during these trying times. He encourages everyone to get out and vote because nothing changes if nothing changes.”

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