#Roommates, y’all better be careful about whose food you choose to eat at these lil 4th of July cookouts, because you don’t wanna end up sick the next day. Health officials said that poor hand washing led to contaminated food that got at least 40 people sick.

According to @ABCNews, this went down in Charlotte, North Carolina at a party. Mecklenburg County Health Director #GibbieHarris told a few news outlets that people who attended the party in Charlotte are suffering from a disease called shigella.

Shigella causes diarrhea and is spread through contact with feces. Gibbie said that someone who was making the food didn’t wash their hands properly.

About 100 people were at the birthday party and health officials say it could take several days for the illness to show up. Like I said, please be careful out here #Roommates!