Oh Snap! Delta Sigma Theta Organization Expelled Five Sorority Girls On Vh1 Show 'Sorority Sisters' ! That's How It Got Shut Down!

Oh Snap! Delta Sigma Theta Organization Expelled Five Sorority Girls On Vh1 Show ‘Sorority Sisters’ ! That’s How It Got Shut Down!



I’m going to get the Deltas together at the end of this article. I love the Deltas but I don’t agree with their decision on this one. I think it’s foul to expel these women after they endured the pledging process, invested their time, money, and emotions (sisterhood) into their organizations.

This show is the curse that keeps on cursing, Lawd! The show Sorority Sisters on Vh1 has caused more problems for the women on the show than they could have imagined. On January 16th, we reported that Vh1 changed their schedule for the show and pushed out all of the episodes prematurely. In fact, we didn’t report this but when we tuned in to watch the show the Vh1 channel was actually on Standby. Meaning it was a blank white screen for about 30 minutes.


All of this time we thought that the Advertisers pulling their money from the program and ratings were the reason the show was shut down. However, when you think about it….it seems as though the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority had it blacked out of Vh1’s schedule and website. The organization announced on their official website that they expelled five of their members for participating in the show and the official expulsion date was January 13th, just three days before Vh1 changed their program schedule. Remember, April McRae and Joy Hammond were also recently suspended from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. If the seven of the nine women are no long in Sororities…then they don’t really have a show anymore.

One of the ladies, Lydia Mitchell claims she doesn’t care that she was expelled.


Listen to me Deltas, y’all need to quit with all of that. I understand that these women did not represent your organization properly but at the end of the day why should you deny them the years that they have dedicated to the Deltas? These women cannot see into the future so how are they supposed to predict it would be a ratchet show? Well, they knew it was connected to Mona Scott Young so… Anyways, there were a few Deltas on the show that behaved out of line, the rest of the women should be allowed to stay in the sorority. Some of our Delta roommates told us we should mind our business since we don’t know the policies that these women agreed to abide by. They have a point.

What do you guys think? Is this fair?

Here are the list of women that have been expelled:

  • Lydia Mitchell and Priyanka Banks from Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL

  • MeToya Monroe, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton

  • Adrene Ashford from Marietta

  • Shanna McCormick from Nashville

What do you all think? Did the Deltas take it too far?


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