Oh You Thought Vh1 Was Canceling The Show Sorority Sisters? Guess Again!

Oh You Thought Vh1 Was Canceling The Show Sorority Sisters? Guess Again!



Tea Spilled By: TSR Staff Debra O.

You know the saying for the haters, “Don’t Watch Me, Watch T.V.”, well it seems like that’s what the haters were doing for VH1’s “Sorority Sisters”. The only problem is that the haters are what is keeping the show on TV.

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According to the Washington Post, a petition that was created to take the sisters down has more than 67,000 signatures but too bad that doesn’t beat the 1.3 million people who tuned in to watch it!!

“In an emailed statement, VH1 said that the premiere was seen by 1.3 million people and it was the number one non-sports cable program in that time period among women ages 18 to 49.”


Well if the signatures ain’t get the sistas out you got to hit them where it hurts, the pockets! Companies like Carmex, Crayola, JBL Audio, Honda, and Hallmark Cards all pulled their ads from the show, hopefully trying to cut funding.


Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.55.14 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.55.40 AM

pics via TheJasmineBrand


At least the Vh1’s spokeswoman is a little more classy than the girls on the show as she clapped back with:


There are currently no plans to change the series and it seems to be connecting with its audience….Due to the confidential nature of our agreements with our advertising partners, we never speak to specifics about clients and their media plans…But we do enjoy successful, long-term partnerships with our advertisers and are happy to honor any requests to move spots to other parts of our schedule.

Seems like Vh1 isn’t fazed by the haters, we are just going to have to keep tuning in on Mondays with a cup of tea. Let’s talk below:



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