Omarion Clears The Air With Fan Who Believed They Were Dating

Omarion Clears The Air With Woman Who Believed She Was Engaged To Him (WATCH)

Omarion recently broke the news to a fan that, while she believed that they were in a full-blown relationship and on the road to marriage, she was unfortunately being catfished the entire time.

She Was Allegedly Told To Pay $3K For A Meet-And-Greet

The matter was featured on a recent installment of Dr. Phil, and the episode focused on a woman named Simone, who was under the impression that the “Post To Be” singer was committed to her.

It’s noted in the episode description that Simone’s friend, Rachel, wrote the show “four times” to get to the bottom of the matter, as she was sure that her companion was “being scammed by someone online.”

Further details, such as how Simone was told that she had to pay $3,000 to “Omarion’s manager” for a meet-and-greet, only added fuel to the fire.

Simone also said that, while she was under the impression that “[Omarion] asked [her] to marry him last year,” she did not have a ring. However, she noted that she “talk[s] to him every day.”

“He asked me to marry him last year.”

Omarion Clarifies The Situation: ‘You Are Not Speaking With Me’

After acknowledging that the story doesn’t “sound logical,” Dr. Phil deferred to Omarion’s manager, Michelle Le Fleur. From the audience, Michelle confirms that Omarion and Simone are not in a relationship.

Shortly thereafter, a video of Omarion addressing Simone and the entire situation begins to play, and he acknowledged how scammers attempt to “convince and manipulate” fans.

“It’s crazy how far these people will go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they are actually speaking with me. From sending fake driver’s licenses and passports [to] even FaceTiming them [and] claiming that there was a bad connection when they never even seen me.”

Omarion goes on to say, “I’m so sorry, Simone. I haven’t been speaking with you online, and we are not in a relationship.”

He then went on to add that not a single red cent of Simone’s money was actually sent to him, and he used the opportunity to make a general PSA about people being aware of the dangers of catfishing.

“I want everyone to be aware that, if someone is online claiming to be me and asking for money, that you are not speaking with me.”

He added, “I will never do that.”

In response to the revelation, Simone stoically thanked Dr. Phil for shedding light on the truth.

What do you think about the Dr. Phil matter, and do you think Omarion handled the situation well?


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