#Roommates, this week we are shaking things up! Let me tell y’all how #Banksy created this dope piece titled “Girl With Balloon,” which, immediately after it was auctioned for $1.4M, began to be shredded!

He says, “A few years ago I secretly built a shredder into a painting in case it was ever put up for auction.” Well, that day has come. When the piece slid down its thick framework — stopping halfway, the painting’s value just may have doubled! Talk about a bag secured! An art expert makes that assumption. Leon Benrimon, the director of modern and contemporary art at Heritage Auctions, told MONEY, “It was meant to be a criticism of the art market, and I think it’s going to double the value of the work.”



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. “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

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This is a reminder to all of my fellow artists out there to never be afraid to be daring in your art. Do the unthinkable. Many will tell you your ideas are too big, too loud, too political, too politically incorrect, or even too destructive, but let those creative juices flow! You never know what has the potential to secure a multimillion-dollar bag!


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