#Roommates, a few weeks ago Hazel E went on Instagram and accused Yung Miami (and the City Girls) of stealing her brand and song. And though things got ugly then, it seems Hazel hasn’t had enough as she released a diss track towards City Girls and Lil Yachty.

See her the first time she mentioned the city girls below:


She also added:

Now after these posts went up, Caresha aka Yung Miami said she never heard about Hazel E’s music and ‘Act Up’ id the only act up that people acknowledge, period. Hazel never responded to Yung Miami… that is until now.


Ya girl Hazel took to Instagram and uploaded a whole 50 sec. snippet of her diss track where she even talks about Yung Miami’s son and mom. Listen to the track below:

Whew! It took .5 seconds for Yung Miami to respond to Hazel’s track saying she’s going to catch Hazel out in them sKreets, the first opportunity she gets. She even sent a warning shot to former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez aka The Puerto Rican Princess.

Joseline didn’t take too kindly to Yung Miami’s threats and made a video of her own, whew the mess here! See Joseline’s video below:

Not to be outdone by Joseline, Yung Miami basically said she wants ALLLLLLL the shmoke and then some! She responded quickly with ANOTHER post of her own:

Not only did Caresha respond, she’s ready to meet up with Joseline IN miami y’all!

She also added:

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Whew!! Looks like #YungMiami ain’t done yet! 👀

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Whew! Messy, messy, MESSY! This is honestly too much #Roommates! Make sure you head over to our instagram page to keep up with this triangle of shade honey!