Roommates, it looks like Linda Fairstein’s past has finally caught up to her. In wake of ‘When They See Us’ hitting Netflix recently, people have been calling for Fairstein to be cancelled in every way possible. Now, she might just lose her seat on several boards of trustees.


Fairstein currently sits on the board of Safe Horizon, a nonprofit organization created to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in New York City. She is also on the Board of Trustees at Vassar College.


According to TMZ, the CEO of Safe Horizon held a meeting to discuss Fairstein’s involvement in the conviction of the young men known as the Central Park Five, and many members demanded she be removed from the board.


While the CEO is reportedly evaluating her standing with the organization, several directors are considering taking legal action if she remains on the board.


Safe Horizon employees are not the only ones expressing outrage, though. Vassar College is also reviewing Fairstein’s place as a board member.


In a letter to students and alumni, Vassar president, Elizabeth Bradley, said the school is looking into Fairstein’s involvement in the the role she plays at the school.


“We take such concerns from students and alumni/I very seriously, and understand the significant issues involved here. I have personally contacted the Chair of the Board to request that the Executive Committee review these concerns. He has agreed, and will promptly bring it to the Board’s Executive Committee,” the letter read.


The letter was reportedly sent after a student at Vassar created a petition calling for Fairstein’s removal.


“The boys she wrongfully helped imprison are our neighbors, brothers, sons,” Mari Robles wrote. “They are now men that have been robbed of a life. I am writing this petition because I was emboldened by Vassar to do so.”


Since the backlash has begun, Fairstein has removed herself from social media. Stay with us as this story continues to develop!
Linda Fairstein Removes Herself From Social Media After Backlash