Oprah Purchases 870 Acres Of Maui Land For Nearly $6.6M

Oprah Winfrey Reportedly Purchases 870 Acres Of Maui Land For Nearly $6.6M

Oprah Winfrey has reportedly purchased 870 acres of land in Kalu, a district in Maui, Hawaii, as reported by KITV4.

The Purchase Expands Oprah Winfrey’s Mark On The Island

According to the outlet, the purchase adds to the 100-plus acres that Oprah Winfrey already owns on the island.

KITV4 obtained the sales deed for Winfrey’s transaction and reported that the purchase cost the media mogul “nearly $6.6 million.” Additionally, Winfrey purchased the 870 acres of “agriculturally-zoned land from Hawaii-based seller Ulupalakua Ranch.”

According to Maui Now, Winfrey’s purchase took place over several months. The media mogul reportedly purchased four parcels of land in total and two were most recently sold to her on February 10. The two parcels consisted of 520 acres which sold for $3.89 million and 330 acres which sold for $2.47 million.

Another two parcels of 10 acres each were sold to Winfrey on Dec. 30, 2022, for $100,000 apiece.

The purchase was made from Winfrey’s Los Angeles-based company, Harpo Inc.

Oprah’s History & Love For The Maui Island

According to the Hawaii-based outlet, Winfrey has been a part-time Maui, Hawaii island resident for the past 15 years. She was most recently seen hiking with a group of friends on the Hawaii island of Kauai in January.

Additionally, the group included her longtime friend Gayle King.

Another day, another hike! And this one @gayleking had no problems with #HawaiiStateOfHealth 🥾🥾🥾

Oprah Winfrey’s Purchase Could Spark Reaction From Hawaii Residents

Oprah Winfrey’s massive purchase of the land in Kalu could spark a reaction from Hawaii residents. When the media mogul shared the above clip of her and King hiking on the ground earlier this year, she could be heard telling viewers to move to the island. Additionally, many social media users — some Hawaii residents — responded by calling the 69-year-old “out of touch.”

Billionaires continue to be embarrassingly out of touch. Hawai‘i is anything but the “state of health” – ever since we’ve been illegally occupied by the United States. Water poisoned, lands stolen and bombed and privatized, beaches eroded, Native Hawaiians can’t even afford to stay. Get a grip

Some cited Hawaii’s lack of “quality healthcare” and overcrowding.

Hawaiʻi absolutely lacks quality healthcare and our islands are being over run, overcrowded and loved to death- our limited cultural & natural resources in the islands are suffering. People moving to the islands are pushing out and displacing kānaka maoli (Native Hawaiians) in our only ancestral homeland. People move here buying up land to build their homes, vacation homes or rentals, and those also planting non-native species so they can have their “ideal paradise” or make money off of this paradise, are the largest contributors to habitat loss….

Furthermore, one user instructed the media mogul to refrain from telling others to move to the Hawaii islands.

Please don’t tell everyone to come to Kaua’i, we are overcrowded and over run by people who could care less about us and only about what they can steal. Hike all you want but don’t draw people here, mahalo!
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