#TSRExclusive: Orlando Brown's Ex Steps Into The Shade Room After He Tried To Deny Their New Born Baby!!!

#TSRExclusive: Orlando Brown’s Ex Steps Into The Shade Room After He Tried To Deny Their New Born Baby!!!

Actor Orlando Brown has been in the forefront as of recent as it was announced that Disney Channel would be reviving the classic show, “That’s So Raven.” Unfortunately Brown will not be joining his former co-stars, Raven Symoné and Anneliese Van Der Pol, and he expressed his disappointment via social media.

Recently Brown’s ex, Omena Alexandria welcomed a baby boy on December 4th and named him Hunter Duke Brown. However, when fans looked to Brown to speak on the birth of the child, he said in a video the child was not his.

Now Brown’s ex, Omena Alexandria tells her side. She exclusively spoke to us and claimed that he pregnancy was in fact planned, and that Brown was ready to start a family.

However, things started to go downhill when she attempted to end things back in July.

She said, “Orlando denies a lot of things that are very clear as day to those of us with normal and sound judgment.  Never in a million years did I think he would be the person he is today and saying and doing the things he’s been doing. Hunter was a planned pregnancy. I had no intentions to have any more children seeing as mine are of self-reliant age. And I actually was in the process of screening families to become a 4th time surrogate. But Orlando and I had gotten engaged and after I declined a family I met with, he was very adamant that I not surrogate and that he wanted a child now. He stated the opportunity to be there during his first sons pregnancy was taken and he wanted to be there and wanted to start HIS family. I’m no dumb ass and been down the road of single parent before so naturally I was reluctant based on knowing his financial situation. 

However he promised he wouldn’t leave my side. Promised he would land a show and be stable by the time the baby came. And reminded me.. as his WIFE I should be putting our family first. Now I’ve never been married but I chose to sacrifice the surrogacy for planning Hunter with Orlando. We conceived the baby end of Febish (February) and confirmed pregnant the first week of April. The video of him with my pee stick made blogs (his specialty. Smh). 

Unfortunately by end of July. I had made several attempts to break off our engagement (for several reasons). Which resulted in him posting TONS of videos talking trash and making up ferocious lies about me. While sitting right under my roof!! I’d had enough by end of July and finally did not let him back. That’s when his campaign against the pregnancy really picked up. I was maybe 5 months.. something like that. Every week a different allegation. Either I was on drugs (in which I put up drug test results to disprove him and because he jeopardize my kids by calling child protective services telling them that!), he started claiming I was sleeping with all these different people (even persons in no way accessible to me), he put out a sex video clip of us which I had no clue he’d taken and tried to claim I had something to do with it. I had to disprove that as well.

Then he became violent.. Threatening to have his cousins and fans kick the baby out of me. Putting up video of him with guns, threatening me and even recording songs putting the threats there.. etc… Thank Goodness I have restraining orders he knows how far he can go. But it hasn’t stopped his social media harassment. 

I finally stopped responding to him on my IG. Got tired of proving he was a liar. And Sunday birthed Baby Boy. I put up pics and had NO reference to him.. And he took the pics and went on yet another social media spazz on me AND the baby.  Unprovoked per usual. He keeps talking DNA yet I put up proof back in August I’d BEEN asked him to do DNA. He refuses. I even tried again in Oct. Just tired of him lying. But again he refuses. But in his IG he claims I wont give him one. LORD that’s all I want but I know it won’t end his harassment. He is VERY bitter I broke it off with him. And because I don’t need him I feel he thinks his only way to get back at me is to embarrass me socially.

He will NEVER agree to a DNA test. He knows he can’t talk his way out of the results. ESPECIALLY after all the really sick and twisted things he’s said. Baby boy is healthy.. We are blessed to have him and he will be always surrounded and filled with love. Its best Orlando not be near us because he is volatile and his son did nothing to deserve the disrespect and ill treatment.”




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