OTF Artist Doodie Lo Files Lawsuit Against FTN Bae Following Sexual Assault Allegations

OTF Artist Doodie Lo Files Lawsuit Against FTN Bae Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Doodie Lo and ex-girlfriend FTN Bae may soon appear in court. In October, FTN Bae took to Instagram with allegations that the OTF artist had sexually assaulted her then five-year-old son Wesley. She shared audio from a conversation with her son where he alleges, through tears, that an assault happened. Shortly afterwards, Doodie Lo tapped on his lawyer to publicly deny the accusations. Then, on Thursday night, Doodie revealed with document screenshots that he has filed a lawsuit against FTN Bae.

“I will never sit back and let nobody defame my name my character and what I stand for,” Doodie wrote in his caption. “This is all public record I’m not letting nobody play with my name…don’t never play with my name.”

Doodie’s Lawsuit 

Doodie, whose real name is David Saulsberry, is seeking to “recover damages for defamatory statements” made by FTN Bae. He alleges that FTN Bae, real name Britney Elder, made “several recordings” of her son’s allegations. Doodie says FTN Bae “taunted” him with the recordings before going public with one version on October 27th. He also claims her statements were “false, defamatory and injurious” to his personal and professional reputation. Doodie is seeking five million dollars for actual damages and 10 million dollars for punitive damages.


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FTN Bae Responds

FTN Bae seemingly caught Doodie’s Thursday night post. Not long after, she responded with her own screenshots of court documents. Apparently, the mother has filed a motion to dismiss Doodie’s lawsuit. In her post caption, FTN Bae clarified that “anybody can sue for whatever reasons and say whatever in the lawsuit.”

“Don’t gloat about a lawsuit that was merely filed,” FTN Bae wrote in her caption. “No ruling has even been made. All this man is worried about is money. Not clearing his name. Only mad I exposed him. Leave me out of it.”

She also took time to blast Doodie in a series of Instagram Story posts. In addition to calling out inconsistencies in his story, she also commented on the financial request totaling $15 million dollars.

“N****s tryna say they missed out on 1 million dollars of business in a month,” FTN Bae wrote. “Who tf this clown think his is DURK???? Fight it in court. This has been filed & the motion to dismiss has been put in. Come back with a verdict..”

She continued on to everything Doodie is doing to clear his name is doing the very opposite. FTN Bae also made it crystal that she is working with police on this matter and that clout isn’t involved. She says Doodie and his lawyer told the police on October 20th that he wasn’t going to cooperate or take a lie detector test.

“Take the TEST or SHUTUP! I was accused of “lying” BUT I was THE ONLY WILLING PARTICIPANT to take THE TEST,” FTN Bae wrote.

Doodie Lo Makes Set Up Accusations

Doodie Lo also accused FTN Bae of attempting to set him up. Following the court documents, he posted an audio recording allegedly featuring FTN Bae. In the recording, a woman’s voice describes who lives in Doodie’s house and where his bedroom is located.


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This is a developing story.

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