Our Longtime Enemy Crystal Announces She's Having Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's Child! It's A Girl!

Our Longtime Enemy Crystal Announces She’s Having Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s Child! It’s A Girl!

Everyone knows we broke the story that Chad Ochocinco was dating a woman named Crystal that used to be a Bartender.


When we broke the story we criticized his choice in women (We said she was a downgrade to Evelyn Lozada) and we experienced a huge backlash from the roommates. They (readers) went in on us claiming that we couldn’t see beyond her skin tone and that we were bashing her because she was brown skin. Well at the time Evelyn Lozada had a real career and only one adult daughter. Her appearance actually had nothing to do with why we questioned Chad’s taste. It actually had to do with the way Crystal was dressed and the fact that she appeared to be on a 24/7 vacation and only posted what Chad bought her and her 4 kids. Nothing inspirational, educational….no “I’m at work” pics…nothing productive or exciting…


Looking at her now, she doesn’t even look the same as she did when we broke the story. She seems to have gotten a new hairstylist, she lost some weight, and she dresses better of course. We have apologized since then. We think Chad is her equal, he has a lot of kids too.

Crystal announced on social media that they are adding another girl to the Fam. We don’t come off as happy but we are happy for them.

Congrats to Chad and Crystal on their new baby.






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