"P.O.P Hold It Down" Vine Star Donna Goudeau Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison!

“P.O.P Hold It Down” Vine Star Donna Goudeau Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison!

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You must have heard about 28 year old Donna Goudeau “Pimp Squad baby for life” by now if you are on social media. Donna Goudeau’s face has been circulating on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, & Youtube for the infamous clip of her yelling, “Mama I love you…P.O.P hol’ It dawn (down)” while sitting in the back of a police car.

Well, although the video was rather funny…the story behind it was very serious. According to The Source, Donna and two other people (Keyron Elmore, 28, Jeremy Jomard Goudeau) broke down the door of a hotel room at the Driftwood Inn in Port Arthur where a 73 year old man from Kansas was staying. They stabbed the man and left him for dead. They also stole numerous collectors’ coins,  and his debit card. They reportedly forced him to give them the pin number and they later withdrew money with his card from the ATM.

The same day, Donna Goudeau and her accomplices were arrested and a further search discovered that they were carrying the victim’s belongings.  Well this actually occurred a few years ago and Donna was sentenced in 2011 to 18 years in prison in Gatesville, Texas. She won’t even see the light of day to enjoy her newfound fame.

Watch her infamous video below:



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