The 19-year-old responsible for shooting and killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School now wants to do his part to help “heal the community.” According to the New York Post, Nikolas Cruz has offered to donate his six-figure inheritance to survivors of the tragedy.

During a Wednesday hearing in Broward County Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale, his attorneys pitched his donation idea to the judge.

“Mr. Cruz does not want those funds, whatever money that he is entitled to,” his lawyer, Melissa McNeill, said. “He would like that money donated to an organization that the victims’ family believes would be able to facilitate healing in our community or an opportunity to educate our community about the issues that have ripened over the last four or five months.”

“Let [the money] go to those who have been hurt, period,” another member of his legal team added.

The funds, which are from his late mother’s estate, reportedly total around $800,000.

After the Valentine’s Day mass shooting, it’s still unclear if Cruz is even eligible to receive the funds.

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