People On Twitter Share Stories About Landlords Charging Extra Fees At Move Out

People On Twitter Share Stories About Landlords Charging Extra Fees At Move Out

Roommates, one thing about some landlords, they’ll leave your work order requests on read, but won’t hesitate to find any and every ‘lil thing to eat up your deposit. Earlier this week, Twitter user @becca__lr created a viral moment when she shared her story about her prior landlord, therefore, inspiring hundreds of others to do the same. 

“Remembering when I moved out my first studio flat and I left a box of chocolates and some nice coffee on the side as a gift to the building manager and got charged 20 [euros] for the removal of leftover personal belongings,” Becca wrote on Twitter.

Apparently, that narrative about charge-happy landlords rings true for renters across the oceans. From the U.S. to Australia and the U.K., landlords are out here racking up on these new move out fees. Here’s a few horror stories shared on the short-form platform that stood out!

Garbage Bag For A Garbage Bag 

Twitter user Spooky PZY (@dodginsuckas) won’t be leaving any extra clean-up tools laying around next time.

“You never do nice sh*t!! I cleaned up and left an extra trash bag cause I just had no use for it and got charged $200 cause they said it took an entire trash bag to throw away one trash bag,” they tweeted.

Hand-Me-Downs Not Quite Handed

Not this landlord forgetting about their own things stored at the property!

“Landlord demanded an extra month’s rent, sfter we moved out,” Twitter user Ned Ryerson tweeted. “For the furniture left in the basement. It was his mother’s furniture, that he put in the basement when we moved in.”

Who Put This Hole Here?

Twitter user @lostwanderfound spoke on his landlord trying to charge him for an already-there door.

“I had a landlord try to steal my bond because “there was a hole in the door,” the user wrote. “It was a cat door. Which was already there when I lovein.”

Old To You, New To Me

Now, wayment, not this landlord trying his best to sneeze out some extra coins from Twitter user @skrink_LaDue.

“Had a landlord buy my apartment building halfway through my lease then try to keep half of my deposit because he said he didn’t know what it looked like when I moved in.

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