Peter Thomas Apologizes For Previously Defending Diddy

Peter Thomas Apologizes For Previously Defending Diddy: “He’s Out Of Control”

Peter Thomas took to Instagram to issue an apology after previously defending Diddy against the accusations Cassie Ventura listed in her lawsuit.

The Real Housewives alum now categorizes the rapper’s actions as “deplorable.”

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Peter Thomas Apologizes For Defending Diddy

Thomas previously commented under Combs’ social media post on May 14 that read, “Time Tells Truth.” The reality star wrote, “Bro, I have been behind you since day one, no one from the block make it that far being stupid.”

However, he issued an apology video on May 18, denouncing Diddy’s actions. “There no apologies in me for what I said four days ago, as there’s no apology in me for what I’m saying right now,” Peter wrote in the video’s caption.

“I am not God, I am not Jesus Christ, I can cast judgment on anyone until evidence is provided, we all saw the video today, what Puff did was wrong on so many f*cking levels I don’t even know where to begin.”


Thomas stated in the video that what Diddy did was “whack, it was weak, it was horrible. I never want to see any man treat any woman like that. I don’t care what the circumstances are. That should never happen.” 

“It hurt me. I can’t unsee it. I look at him different. I’ve never seen that side of him” he added.

Thomas Condemns Diddy’s Behavior

Peter explained that he supported Diddy a few days prior and “meant” what he said. However, after seeing the tape, he believes “he’s out of control.”

The businessman shared, “3 days later I see the tape myself. I think he’s weak. He’s out of control. I think if I’m worth that much and the woman wants go, I’ll let her go.”

“I’m not going to beat nobody and stomp on nobody and kick anybody in the face. That’s a deep hatred and rage…” Thomas said. He added that “God” allowed the tape to surface, stating, “Whatever is done in the dark is going to come to light.” 

Thomas passionately stated, “I condemn that sh**. I got two daughters and seven sisters.”

Watch Peter’s full apology below:

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