Mel B and ex-husband Stephen Belafonte were back in court today, and this time it was all about visitation rights. Belafonte is fighting to have step-parent visitation of Mel’s 10-year-old daughter Angel, whose biological dad is Eddie Murphy. Y’all may remember we reported last week that Mel is trying to block her ex from seeing the girl, claiming he let her watch “ISIS beheading” videos and it really scared her.

According to reports, Belafonte’s attorneys reportedly argued in court today that Murphy has no contact with Angel and isn’t interested in being her dad. They were allegedly trying to get in contact with Murphy to approve Belafonte’s step-parent request but claimed he wasn’t available.

Well, it appears this new image of Eddie and Angel tells a different story. It was posted by Mel B’s hairstylist Gary Madatyan and he even called her a #daddysgirl!


What do y’all think, Roommates? Who’s telling the truth here?

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