Chileee it’s been less than 24 hours since Pusha “Tea” dropped his “Adidon” diss track, exposing Drake’s alleged baby mama and some photos of the rapper in blackface. The photo that circulated online was one of two that Drake posed for, and had many people wondering if Drake was out here cooning.

Lupe Fiasco tweeted that the photos were a powerful art piece, while Pusha said he needed answers for why Drake took the photos in the first place. So did the “Nice For What” rapper pose as a minstrel back in his Degrassi days?

Well according to Billboard, the photographer who took the photos actually said the shoot was designed to “be a part of a strong statement made by a black man about the f—ed up culture we’re living in.” The photographer, David Leyes, also said that he was proud to capture the images that he claims were Drake’s idea.

As for the “Jim Crow Couture” t-shirt Drake wore in the pics, they’re from a 2008 lookbook from a company called Too Black Guys. The company’s website says their aim is to “graphically represent the black experience… (READ MORE AT..) in an unapologetic way.”

The photographer for the shoot has since pulled the photos from his portfolio, and his website reportedly crashed due to the internet traffic.

We know Drake is in album mode, but we’re all waiting for Drake’s response to Pusha T’s diss in the meantime—because we still need answers about that baby mama.


Until then, Drake took to Instagram to address the blackface photos and revealed the real reason behind the images.


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