Now that it is officially the summer, fans are gearing up for the highly anticipated return of the Starz scripted series “Power.” During an early promo run for the show, it was revealed that the upcoming sixth season would be the final season.

However, 50 Cent, one of the show’s producers, have many fans curious on whether there will be more “Power,” after this upcoming season.

On Tuesday, the mogul took to his Instagram account and posted a photo of himself. In the caption of the photo, he said, “I changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6. This sh*t is too good.”

Now there have not been any official reports about the show sticking around past its sixth season. Nonetheless, previously it was reported that 50 Cent did reveal that one of the “Power,” spinoffs would, in fact, be a prequel.

At the time he posted to his social media and said, “My Power spin-off is so crazy. Wait till you see this sh*t, TGE influence (The Golden Era) Southside we outside 1988.”

For those who are familiar with the show, 50 Cent is not only a producer on the show, but he also starred on the first five seasons as Kanan. His character was killed towards the end of season 5; nonetheless, he is still a vital part of the “Power” franchise.

Only time will tell if “Power” will really come to an end after season 6. Roommates, do you this upcoming season really marks the end?