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Plies Offers Advice To Student-Athletes About The Majors They Should Choose In College

By now we all know Plies likes to talk about a wide variety of topics, while also offering advice at the same time. This time around he tweeted about student-athletes and gave them some advice about choosing a major for college.

On Wednesday, he took to his Twitter account and said, “Message To All My Young Athletes: These Colleges Are Telling U You Can Major In Anything U Like & They’ll Cover It (Financially). Stop Choosing The Majors That Just Allow U To Stay Eligible & Only Pay 25-30k A Year. Want More Challenge Yourself & Walk Away With A Bigger Bag!”

NBA Champion Matt Barnes stopped by The Shade Room comment section to share his opinion of Plies’ words of advice and said, “That sounds good but it’s NEVER that easy. Particularly when you play football or basketball.. sports takes up more than 80% of your time.”

As many of you know Matt played four years of college basketball at UCLA and went on to play professional basketball for 15 years, ending his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors in 2017, where he earned his NBA Championship ring.

There were some fans who also saw things from Matt’s perspective, and explained to Plies why his suggestion wouldn’t work.

One person said, “Absolutely not the case!!! You can choose a major, that fits into the athletic experience’s schedule. If you choose a major that is too time-consuming, they tell you no by threatening to pull your scholarship. They insist you pick a major that doesn’t conflict w/ sports.”


While there were some who agreed with his statement.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this matter?



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