Plumber Who Found Money At Joel Osteen's Church To Receive $20,000 Reward

Plumber Who Found Money At Joel Osteen’s Church To Receive $20,000 Reward

After Justin, the man responsible for finding money at Joel Osteen’s church, expressed he was “upset” because he had not heard from the megachurch, it was reported that he would receive $20,000.

Back in 2014, Lakewood Church offered $20,000 for anyone who had information leading to an arrest. After the case went cold, the church offered that money to Crime Stoppers as a donation.

“Crime Stoppers of Houston is a public safety organization that thrives on the public safety of all communities. We believe that it takes all of us, working together, to keep Houston safe and thriving. In 2014, Lakewood Church gave us $20,000 to work on this case. In 2016, they chose to gift us those funds for operations. Today, we are gifting that same about of money to this Good Samaritan and wishing he and his family a wonderful holiday season,” said Mankarious.

Lakewood Church declined to comment further but will cooperate with the investigation.

As previously reported, in 2014, $600,000 in checks and cash was stolen from a safe at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch, Lakewood Church. Although a large reward was offered if individuals provided information, the case remained unsolved until Justin found the money.

Justin initially spoke about finding the money on a radio show, “The Morning Bullpen with George, Mo & Erik ” on 100.3 FM The Bull. He called in and stated, “I went to go remove the toilet and I moved some insulation away, and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall. I was like, ‘oh wow.’ I got my flashlight, shined up in there.”

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