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Poor Tyga! He Just Can’t Catch A Break! 

His latest shocker includes allegations that the $320k Ferrari that he gave Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday is leased. 
SAY WHAT?! Yes, leased — and in her name, a source told RadarOnline. 

So what’s Tyga doing out here leasing birthday gifts when these landlords are coming at him left and right for owed rent money?!

This is another one of those things that raises a red flag; especially for the family. Another source told Radar, “Kylie’s sisters and mom are worried that Tyga is trying to cash in on being with her… She’s young and they think she might not see what is going on.”

And then things are just not adding up like the cost of the car itself! For example some media outlets are suggesting the car was $450k while others are reporting it was only $320k. And then some sources name the car as a Lamborghini as opposed to the photographed Ferrari. 


Despite his reported financial inconsistencies, his latest video which features Kylie suggests otherwise. 

Source: Page six, http://pagesix.com/2015/09/04/some-gift-did-tyga-lease-kylies-birthday-ferrari/?_ga=1.253300160.83445971.1389632291

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