Roommates, the tea is PIPING HOT today! So, @RollingStone has been doing some digging into how exactly #PushaT found out before everyone else that #Drake had secretly fathered a baby boy. A couple of #KanyeWest’s associates believe that he found out when ‘Ye played the record for him a few months back. 

“I’m assuming [Drake] called the record ‘March 14′ ’cause that’s when he did the record,” producer #TMinus, who co-produced the track, tells Rolling Stone. “I never even heard the content of the song until the album dropped. It was something private; it was supposed to be kept secure. The information got out and I’m assuming that’s how Push knew [about the child].”

To add to this, Kanye’s buddy #MalikYusef suggests that Kanye may have played “March 14” for Pusha after Drake previewed the songs for him in Wyoming. “I was not there, but I do know that story: [Drake] played early versions of those songs and so on and so forth,” he says. “You gotta be careful how you move, I think. Not I think, I know: You gotta be careful how you move, what you say to people, what gets out, and the whole nine [yards].”

He added, “was it Confucius that said, ‘Often the thing whispered in the ear of your closest friend is heard 100 miles away by your greatest enemy?’”

Chile 👀 We’re just gonna sit this right here!

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