Prosecutors Seek 13-Year Sentence For Tory Lanez

Prosecutors Seek 13-Year Sentence For Tory Lanez, Say He Used ‘Campaign Of Misinformation’ To ‘Re-Traumatize’ Megan Thee Stallion

Now that prosecutors have called for Tory Lanez to receive a longer prison term over his “high level of callousness” against Megan Thee Stallion, they’re urging the judge to sentence him to 13 years behind bars.

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Tory Lanez Is Accused Of Having An ‘Insidious’ Lack Of Remorse

According to a recent report from Meghann Cuniff for Legal Affairs and Trials with Meghann Cuniff, prosecutors spoke on the matter in a memorandum on Tuesday.

The memo accused Tory of “waging a campaign of misinformation to re-traumatize the victim.”

“The defendant actively invited harassment of the victim by spreading misinformation to his large following in an effort to galvanize the public against the victim.”

Prosecutors also noted that Tory “lacks remorse” and is “clearly incapable of accepting any responsibility for his own actions.”

Additionally, the attorneys say, “The defendant’s lack of remorse is insidious, leaving this Court no assurances that the defendant will not repeat this type of behavior in the future.”

As a result, they recommend that Tory receive “a total aggregate sentence of 13 years in state prison.”

The Prosecution Is Drudging Up Tory’s Beef With August Alsina

In addition to Tory’s “campaign of misinformation” against Megan Thee Stallion, prosecutors cite his “unprovoked attack” on August Alsina to help justify a 13-year sentence.

As The Shade Room previously reported, word spread in September 2022 about the artists getting into a physical altercation.

August shared a photo of his bloodied face and said a “4’11 sized leprechaun” had jumped him. The matter was allegedly over the “Downtown” singer refusing to dap Tory up.

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Eventually, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office began to look into the situation. About a month later, a judge placed Tory on house arrest.

“The fact that the defendant committed another unprovoked attack on another person (August Alsina) while he had a violent felony case pending before this court speaks volumes.”

Tory’s sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for Tuesday, June 13.


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