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Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Resigns Amid Public Protests

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello has announced his resignation just days after demonstrators he’d the island’s largest protest in recent history! Protestors have been gathering outside of the governors home for weeks, after his private chats leaked revealing corruption and sexist comments.

According to NBC news, the governor’s resignation is effective August 2nd. In a video on Facebook, the governor insists he has done nothing but fight corruption and continues to make strides for different communities in Puerto Rico.

“My only North Star has been the well-being of my island,” he says.

Crowds have been gathering in the streets of Puerto Rico for almost two weeks, calling for the governor to step down. Initially, Gov. Russell resisted stepping down, but has had a change of heart as demonstrators say they had no intentions of letting up.

“After the birth of my son, this is. the happiest day of my life,” says Puerto Rican reggae ton artist Rene Perez Joglar.

As we previously reported, federal authorities have carried out anti-corruption raids targeting the governor and his associates. Since then, Rossello’s private messages have leaked to the media, revealing him and his lieutenants calling a political candidate a “whore”, making fun of an obese man, and using homophobic language.

Even before these scandals, Puerto Ricans have been frustrated with Gov. Rossello and the economic weakness of the island. Authorities soon uncovered Rossello had been using hurricane relief funds for his own personal use.

About 30,000 homes on the island still have blue tarps for roofs after Hurricane Maria. The Puerto Rican electrical grid is still out of commission, an the only morgue on the island is reportedly overflowing with bodies.

“My only priority has been the transformation of our island and the well-being of our people,” Rossello claims. “The demands have been overwhelming and I’ve received them with the highest degree of humility.”

Crowds gathered in joy after hearing the governors resignation speech, doing dances, and singing songs of victory.


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