Pusha T Speaks On Squashing Beef With Drake: "I'm Not Entertaining It, But There's Nothing I Want From The Situation"

Pusha T Speaks On Squashing Beef With Drake: “I’m Not Entertaining It, But There’s Nothing I Want From The Situation”

Pusha T didn’t beat around the bush when recently asked where his beef with Drake stands. The It’s Almost Dry artist went for Drizzy’s neck during a series of exchanges in 2018 when he dropped a diss track telling the world that Champagne Papi had fathered a child he was “hiding from the world.” On Friday, the artist spoke on his position with Drake. And just so it’s clear, Pusha T may not be entertaining beef, but he’s also not making any immediate moves to squash anything.

Pusha T Has No Investment In Squashing Beef With Drake

The conversation took place on The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy starting off the topic. He asked Pusha T where he stands after of Kanye West and Drake settled their disagreements.

“Oh man, I’m still outside,” Pusha T responded while laughing. “I’m still outside.”


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He clarified that he thinks the reconciliation was “really good” for both Ye and Drizzy. To him, “the coexisting” of both men is “something that they just have to have.” However, when it comes to himself, Pusha T sees no benefits to clearing the air with Drake.

“Me personally, I don’t really stand anything to gain from like squashing anything or whatever,” Pusha T said. “I’m not entertaining it, but there’s nothing I want from the situation. I don’t want to do a record, I don’t want to do none of that.”

DJ Envy then asked where Pusha T’s stance leaves him when Kanye links with Drake and extends an invitation. Apparently, he “definitely” shuts down the idea of attending functions where Drizzy is involved. Despite his resistance to associate with the God’s Plan rapper, Pusha T said he encourages Ye to attend those same functions.


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The interview followed closely behind his highly-anticipated album It’s Almost Dry.  This is King Push’s first full-length project since 2018’s Daytona. Featuring 12 tracks, the album saw influence from the likes of Pharrell, Kanye, Jay-Z, No Malice, 88-Keys, Kid Cudi and Lil Uzi Vert. Earlier this week, Kid Cudi said his track Rock ‘N’ Roll is the last song he will ever create with former friend and collaborator Kanye.

Pusha T Says Drake’s Flow On Jack Harlow’s New Song “Sounds Old”

It appears Pusha T is walking the line between not aggressively going after Drizzy, but also not making any moves to dead the beef.

“I don’t care to squash anything, it’s nothing to talk about for me,” Pusha T said. “I feel like we been through it and that’s just that. Ultimately, everything I’m doing right now is really purposeful, like musically and everything. Like I know who I want to deal with, who I want to work with, I know what this is and he just don’t fall in those lines. So it doesn’t…we don’t have to do this.”

Later in the interview, Pusha T answered questions about the unconfirmed rumor that Drake was throwing shots at him in Jack Harlow’s Have A Turn.

“I even heard that and it sounds old to me, like the flow sound old,” Pusha T said. “And then it’s like even what is considered like the shots is like bro after what I’ve done. Like the middle man talk and all that type of talk, that’s not scathing for me. Like I’m here to burn down everything yeah.”

He stated that he’s ignoring the alleged shots–once again emphasizing that the sound is old and “not fresh.” But, Pusha T also said that as a lyricist he has “a file cabinet full of death” for whoever and whatever.


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Drake And Pusha T Speak About Their Beef With The Media

Drake has also previously spoken on the rap beef. More than a year after Pusha T’s 2018 diss track The Story of Adidion dropped, Drizzy called the song “a genius play in the game of chess.” He also called it his “first ‘loss’ in the competitive sport of rapping,” but only “by choice” given that he “bowed out.”

“I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t get out-barred, and I didn’t get done’d off by some crazy song,” Drake said. “He told the world the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn’t told you about. So I knew kind of for me it was over at that point. It wasn’t even about battle rap or any of that. The information was just too shocking.”

In February 2022, Pusha T expressed the same sentiment as Friday Breakfast Club interview.

“I’ve already looked past that. I don’t look towards that anymore. Bygones are bygones, as far I see. And I think that’s really good that [Drake and Kanye] squashed it. That works really good for them. I told [Ye], ‘That might be good for you,’” Pusha T said.

Well, guess we’ll see if Drizzy returns the sentiment or keeps his chess pieces to himself!

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