Quadruplet Brothers Who Went Viral For Being Accepted Into 59 Universities Graduate From Yale

Quadruplet Brothers Who Went Viral For Being Accepted Into 59 Universities Graduate From Yale

Roommates, four brothers took academic excellence to a new level in 2017, when they received 59 acceptances from top universities like Harvard, Duke and Stanford. Ultimately, the quadruplets decided to stick beside each other and attend Yale University, according to People. Now, four years later the brothers, who are nicknamed the Wade Quads and Quad Squad, have secured multiple degrees and a new sense of individuality.

Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zach Wade graduated from the prestigious university last month. People reported that they celebrated their accomplishment over pizza with their parents and later a graduation party. Despite being on the same Yale campus, the brothers weren’t glued to each other over the years. In fact, their differing areas of study kept them on the go!

“In high school, we all knew the same people,” Nick Wade told People. “So in a sense, that didn’t allow us to divert as much as we might’ve wanted to, but in college, because there’s so many different types of people, and we had so many different diverse interests, I think we were able to carve our paths in our own way.

Aaron is stepping out into the professional world with a degree in computer science and psychology. Nick is educated in political science with a minor in Arabic. Zach also double-degreed himself and studied chemical engineering and economics. Nigel leaned into science with a degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology.


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In their interview, the Wade Quads revealed that only two of the brothers, Aaron and Nigel, shared a college class together. However, the class didn’t leave much room for brotherly bonding as it was a 2,000-person psychology lecture. Besides that lecture, they shared that they only saw each other once or twice a semester. Still, the brothers didn’t seem to express an issue with the distance and actually welcomed the change.

“We grew up in this town where we had always existed as The Quads or the Wade brothers,” Aaron Wade said. “But when we got to Yale, it was very much small fish in a big pond. Nobody really knew who we were. I feel that when people met me at Yale, they met Aaron Wade, as opposed to one of the quadruplets.”

Now that they’ve graduated the brothers have chosen to continue on their separate paths. Nick will be moving to New York City to work with Goldman Sachs. Aaron will be working at Google in the same zip code later this year, after he completes his senior thesis with one additional semester.

Nigel will remain in his alma mater’s city and participate in a two-year research program before applying to medical school. Zach will be moving across the country to work with Goldman Sachs in investment banking.

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