Quality Control’s Youngest Artist Metro Marrs Speaks Out After Being Detained For Making It Rain $10K At Graduation (Exclusive)

Quality Control’s Youngest Artist Metro Marrs Speaks Out After Being Detained For Making It Rain $10K At Graduation (Exclusive)

TSR Exclusive Details: By now, you probably have seen the video of the Atlanta teen throwing stacks of cash at his graduation and getting placed in cuffs for the stunt. Well, turns out that young man just happens to be Quality Control’s youngest artist Metro Marrs, and he tells us he regrets nothing.

While the move was praised by his classmates and parents, the police clearly didn’t feel the same and detained him after Metro made it rain $10,000 all over his classmates. The police stopped him for disorderly conduct and attempting to start a riot, according to Metro’s manager Barry Johnson of Since The 80s Records.

But the truth is, Metro hadn’t seen his fellow seniors in person all year due to the pandemic and since signing with QC at the age of 17. He tells us this was his way of giving back to his school as he felt some of his classmates may not even receive money for graduation. Metro also tells us he waited until EVERY student walked and had their moment before throwing the money.


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“I was creating a moment that would be memorable,” said Metro, who had to strap the cash to his body in order to get all $10,000 on stage with him. “I had to do that for the last time. Everybody was lit! We graduating high school!”

Metro was detained by a few police officers and let go after several hours. It’s unclear if he’s facing any charges related to the stunt.

Johnson said Metro’s thoughts and intentions were always in the right place and even parents joined in when the crowd started chanting “let him go!”

It meant so much to Metro for him to be able to give back and spoke to his growth as an artist considering the whole concept surrounding his career was about doing music while being a student.

Metro attended the same high school where other famous Atlanta artists went including Summer Walker, Gunna, and Playboi Carti, according to Johnson.

Metro said the school has been quite supportive of his success and wasn’t too upset about making it rain when he went back to get his diploma.

“They root for me, they’re on my side,” Metro said. “They’ve seen me develop (as an artist) while I was in school. I’ve been doing music since 9th grade.”

Graduating was very important to Metro and his family. His parents made it a condition in order for him to sign with QC and finishing school showed QC’s execs how responsible Metro Marrs is when it comes to his commitments.

Now that Metro has graduated, he’s ready to fully commit to his professional music career and has a mixtape dropping in June. He also plans to drop a visual for his song, “Live it Up.”

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