Quavo & Kendrick Perkins Squash Their Beef On ESPN's 'First Take'

Quavo & Kendrick Perkins Squash Their Beef On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

“Ain’t nun but a lil’ bit of straightenin!” Twitter was on fire after Quavo was trending following his appearance on ESPN’s show ‘First Take’ earlier today. He finally squashed the beef with the show’s co-host and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, let me catch you up and give you the backstory about why the two men didn’t see eye-to-eye! It all stemmed from Quavo mentioning Kendrick in his song ‘F**k 12” last year on his debut solo album, ‘Quavo Huncho.’ On the song, he rapped, “Every time I get the hundo, Will I’m trippin’. Every time your bi**h phone when she workin’ (brr-brr). Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins.”

When the song dropped, Kendrick wasn’t feelin’ it. He responded to the song on Twitter, “I see @QuavoStuntin still dropping them trash a$$ bars!! Carry on..” Kendrick tweeted. It seems like the beef had calmed down, that is until last weekend. While performing with the Migos at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight in Miami, Quavo name-dropped him once again.

Following the performance, Kendrick responded on ‘First Take,’ and Quavo clapped back by tweeting a picture of Kendrick with a fist near his chin while promoting his group’s album “Culture 3,” which drops tomorrow. Kendrick responded, “Thank God you’re back with the Migos because this photoshop uppercut is as close as you’ll get to a hit as a solo artist! Carry on…”

During today’s episode, Quavo explained why he mentioned Kendrick in the first song and said that it’s no beef and it’s all love. Quavo also addressed Kendrick’s response to his tweet, saying, “the uppercut was the closest thang because we ain’t gonna do no internet beef, we don’t play like that.”

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