R. Kelly’s recent arrest has prompted many new reports about his past allegations and his current ones. Reports have surfaced about Kells’ girlfriends #JoycelynSavage and #AzrielClary, and they say it’s fake news! 

Joycelyn and Azriel took to TMZ to address recent reports about their living situation following Kells’ arrest. They say they are living comfortably inside the Trump Tower in Chicago. 

The two address claims they had been evicted from the premises, and are subject to “slave-like” conditions. 

“We just want you guys to know that’s fake news,” Azriel says. “We move freely, we come and go freely.”

Azriel addresses these rumors several times throughout the video, in an attempt to shut down any rumors they are being held against their will.

“We actually just left out this morning,” she says. “Nobody said anything to us. No-one stopped us, harassed us o anything so we just wanted to clear that up.”

The ladies also take a quick moment to address Joycelyn’s parents, who claim they still do not know where their daughter is and cannot contact her.

“Joyce’s parents have been all over social media,” Azriel says. Joycelyn follows saying: “Yeah they know where I’m at.”

These comments follow a video showing Joycelyn’s parents confronting R. Kelly’s publicist, demanding to know where their daughter is.

Well, Joycelyn and Azriel say everybody knows where they are, and they are doing just fine!

The two women say on multiple occasions they are with Robert by choice. They also say they are both his girlfriends and are fine with that too!

The video continues and Azriel addresses R. Kelly’s fans next. Despite the allegations against him, Kells still sees support from a large part of his fanbase.

“We want to thank all of Robert’s fans,” Azriel says. “We see you all over social media. We are so thankful for all of your support and we love you guys for it.”

Do y’all think these girls are being held against their will, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!