Rajon Rondo & Girlfriend Sued For $1M After Alleged Assault In Parking Lot Dispute

Rajon Rondo & Girlfriend Sued For $1M After Alleged Assault In Parking Lot Dispute

NBA player Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend are being sued for $1 million. A woman by the name of Toktam Jorshari alleges Rondo and his girlfriend “cussed out and beat” her up in a “heated parking lot dispute,” according to @tmz_tv.

In the video, Rondo, his girlfriend, and Toktam Jorshari can be seen standing next to a couple of parked cars. Everything seems pretty normal, until Toktam Jorshari gets closer to the couple. Once she steps closer to Rondo and his girlfriend, Rondo’s girlfriend puts her hand in between herself and Jorshari.

The woman suing the couple alleges that Rondo stated, “B–ch why do you think you can park here?” and “with an extended arm, pushed and shoved her against her vehicle.” Johari also claims that Rondo’s girlfriend “proceeded to repeatedly physically attack her by striking her in the area of her head and upper body.

According to reports, the incident happened in July at an apartment complex. It was stated that the Atlanta Hawks player allegedly parked his car in a handicapped space but he did not have a permit to do so. Jorshari claims she accidentally blocked him in, when she parked her car in an adjacent space to unload her new table.

Jorshari also claims that she has suffered “permanent disability” because of this incident.

Rondo’s lawyer stated,“The case is meritless,” Baute said. “I have seen the video tape. Mr. Rondo was polite throughout the encounter, the claimant was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning.”

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