Mad Muzik Cali Arrested For Death Of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Rapper Mad Muzik Cali Arrested For The Death Of His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend | TSR Investigates

Georgia police have arrested New Orleans rapper Mad Muzik Cali, also known by his government name, Justin Rene Lewis. The rapper was initially suspected of murdering his wife, Sidni Dalcour, in 2017. However, Mad Muzik Cali was never charged in the incident.

Then, earlier this month, the rapper was taken into custody, suspected of gunning down his ex-girlfriend, Raesha Heard, in Georgia.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is putting the pieces together for TSR Investigates.

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Mad Muzik Cali & His Suspected Connection To His Ex-Girlfriend’s Recent Death

Raesha Heard, 31, was reportedly gunned down on October 11. The mother, who was two months pregnant, was reportedly unloading groceries from a car at her parent’s home in Dekalb County when she was shot “multiple times,” per Carter.

According to a police report obtained by The Shade Room, Heard was struck “twice in the back, once in the chest, leg and head.”

Additionally, the incident took place in front of Heard’s nine-year-old son. Heard’s family was also present inside the residence when the shooting occurred.

After Heard’s death, Mad Muzik Cali reportedly took to Instagram Live, accusing Heard’s family of “spreading rumors” about him being the culprit responsible for her passing.

“It’s crazy how everybody try to bring you down when they don’t even know what’s going on,” the rapper said.

Furthermore, the rapper claimed there was only a “possibility” that he could be the father of Heard’s unborn child.

According to the police report, Heard’s mother informed authorities that her daughter was pregnant. The “child’s father,” whose name has been redacted from the report, allegedly asked the 31-year-old to terminate the pregnancy.

Furthermore, the report added that the same man allegedly opened fire on Heard’s car “a few months earlier.” The man reportedly explained that Heard was not injured in the shooting because “the clip fell out the weapon.”

The incident, however, was not reported to authorities at the time.

The Rapper’s Alleged Connection To His Late Wife’s Passing

Carter also spoke with Traci Dalcour, the sister of the Mad Muzik Cali’s late wife, Sidni Dalcour. Dalcour alleged that the rapper was “abusive” to her sister.

“She was married to Justin for five years — he was really abusive to her. He fought her a lot like he gave her black eyes, he put her in the hospital, she had to have staplers in her head,” Dalcour recalled.

Dalcour’s cousin, Moriah Dyer, explained that although Sidni’s family tried to convince her to leave her marriage, their efforts did not suffice.

“She loved him so much, I think she had hope and dreams that he would change his ways, and he never did,” Dyer explained.

On May 18, 2017, Sidni Dalcour was “found shot to death” in her running car outside a New Orleans apartment complex.

“We all instantly knew he had something to do with it,” Dyer explained. “Like my cousin said, she [Sidni] had no problems with nobody. She was loved. She was adored by everybody.”

The murder of Sidni Dalcour has reportedly remained unsolved, per Project: Cold Case. Police have charged Mad Muzick Cali with one count of malice murder in the death of Raesha Heard, per WSB-TV.

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