Exclusive: Rapper The Game & His Boo Got Into It With His Assistant LoLo! (TEA Inside)

Exclusive: Rapper The Game & His Boo Got Into It With His Assistant LoLo! (TEA Inside)


Yes, you read the title correctly. Our well connected source sent us a tip that there was some beef going on between Rapper The Game, his assistant LoLo, and his rumored boo India Love Westbrook.

Here is the deal, The Game and his whole crew flew to Miami for business and he brought along his assistant and a few other girls that he works with including LoLo’s bff. They will all be staying in Miami on business for a long time…at least until the end of the month.

At first, India Love wasn’t going to attend but The Game decided to bring her along to Miami and have her stay for the trip. The girls didn’t really feel like India needed to be there since it was business and she doesn’t have an actual position. India had a conversation with Game telling him that she didn’t feel like she was wanted on the trip and Game then had a conversation with his assistant and told her to cut out the drama. Allegedly, their conversation turned into a little bit of an argument and Lolo felt The Game was being disrespectful.

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Truth be told, India felt as if the girls were jealous of her.

Long story short, they all got started drinking and resolved their issues. The Game apologized to Lo and reassured her that she was his homie for life and no one could take her place! India apologized to the girls and everything was resolved!




(The Game posted this earlier today and LoLo commented under it with a happy face- this is The Game’s personal account)




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