Rapper The Game & His Brother Big Fase Are Beefing Again - "Stop Being 'The Game' For A Second!"

Rapper The Game & His Brother Big Fase Are Beefing Again – “Stop Being ‘The Game’ For A Second!”

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Rapper The Game and his older brother (same father, different mother) Big Fase 100 have been beefing since 2005. Back then, they fell out over money when The Game decided to cut ties with Fase along with some other associates. Big Fase has publicly claimed that The Game left him behind once he got famous after he contributed a lot to his success. Game’s response was that his “family” didn’t visit him in the hospital after he was shot in 2001.

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Well the drama is starting back up again. Yesterday Big Fase called The Game out for not reaching out to his nephew (Big Fase’s son) on his birthday.

Here’s What He Said:

A birthday wish for your nephew is too much to ask I guess. F- me…but the kids? Just a call from his famous uncle would have made his lil day so much more special. Stop being The Game for a sec on and be Uncle J. Cold world of ours this is.”

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Wow! These two brothers have very deep-rooted issues that I’m sure none of us know or understand completely. It’s a shame how money can tear families apart…they do say it’s the root of all evil. In any case, the children should be left out of all of the drama. We do think it’s wrong that The Game didn’t reach out to his nephew on his birthday, the little boy didn’t deserve that! However, with all of the projects that Game has it may be that it slipped his mind. We don’t know!

If you are wondering why Big Fase publicly blasted his brother for not wishing his nephew a happy birthday, here is his response:

Other means of communication are exhausted. You might have a direct line before I would. You don’t know my pain. You are on the outside taking a momentary glimpse.”

Wow family beef is the realest! We hope one day they can work it out and get on the same page for the kids involved!



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