Rapper YG Starts Bottle Throwing Riot At His Show In Canada Because...He Lost His Voice?

Rapper YG Starts Bottle Throwing Riot At His Show In Canada Because…He Lost His Voice?


TMZ reports that Rapper Yg actually started the bottle throwing riot at his recent performance in Edmonton, Canada at club Encore. Allegedly he lost his voice after 2 songs and wanted to end the concert by any means. The promoters of the event claim that YG started the riot by throwing the first bottle into the crowd and later jumping off stage to punch a fan in the face. The promoters claim that after YG jumped into the crowd the brawl began, which is why they intend to sue YG for damages. We don’t know about him throwing the first bottle in the club but we definitely have video footage of him jumping into the crowd to attack a fan for throwing a bottle onto the stage. Fans are attacking YG on his social networks, claiming that he stood on stage with a mic for 20 minutes without performing his music and blame him for the riot that took place. All we can say to that is….wow.


Watch The Videos Below:



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