Rasheeda Frost Serves Up Business Reflections (Exclusive)

(Exclusive) Rasheeda Frost Serves Up Business Reflections, Speaks On Her Viral Sitdown With Nelly, & Shares What’s Next!

It seems like everyone’s got a lil’ side hustle these days, though Rasheeda Frost masterfully shows how to successfully wear numerous hats and build a whole empire! From her artistry and firm place on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta to her Boss Moves with Rasheeda series on Philo, Rasheeda stays in the spotlight!

However, with other noteworthy pursuits like Poiz Cosmetics, Frost Bistro & Bar, and her Pressed boutique, Rasheeda clearly has it goin’ on and stays where the money resides.

Rasheeda shared some words of wisdom stemming from her pursuits during a sit-down with The Shade Room‘s Staff Writer, Nick Fenley — and she also dished on what the future holds for her!

Rasheeda Frost Shares What She’s Learned About People From Her Time On TV

Before diving into her business-related insights, we had to kick off by acknowledging that Rasheeda managed to secure the long-awaited confirmation about Nelly‘s rekindled romance with Ashanti.

As The Shade Room reported, Rasheeda Frost got Nelly’s confirmation during a recent episode of Boss Moves with Rasheeda, as she straight-up asked, “So you and Ashanti are back together?”

In turn, the “Grillz” rapper shared that he and Ashanti were “cool again,” which wasn’t “planned” and actually a “surprise” for the both of them.

Regarding her securing confirmation to the long-running speculation around Nelly and Ashanti, Rasheeda says her and Kirk Frost‘s relationship with him made the conversation much more natural.

“We’ve known each other for so long, me and Kirk and Nelly. We actually sat and talked for a very long time. … I’m like, ‘What’s up? What’s up with the relationship?'”

After reflecting on the experience, Rasheeda emphasized, “I’m glad he was able to speak on it with the glow that he had, and I’m happy for them.”

Bouncing off of her Nelly interview, we also asked Frost to reflect on her television pursuits and dish on what she’s learned about people through the experience. Without missin’ a beat, she declared, “I’ve learned over the years to never let anything surprise me.” Oop!

“People just do things. Don’t be surprised. Don’t ever think that everybody has good intentions. … Especially being on reality TV, you deal with some people who have nothing to lose. And when you’re a person who’s really trying to build and who’s real and who’s genuine and who’s really trying to make your way in life, you have to be mindful of those people. ‘Cause sometimes you can get distracted and thrown off and put in a place where you never want to be.”

From Understanding Customers To Leading By Example: Rasheeda Offers Business-Related Wisdom

Similarly, we got Rasheeda to acknowledge what insights she has gleaned from her business ventures, and she came thru with some serious words of wisdom!

Focusing on the fashion-related end of her business spectrum, Rasheeda spoke on how really knowing one’s customer base is vitally important.

“Especially from the fashion side, knowing and understanding your customer base [is] super important. … Understanding your demographic, who you’re selling to, making sure you’re constantly giving them things that are new.”

Pointing out that the process involves “a lot of different pieces,” she acknowledged how, after firmly establishing a customer base, people can then explore other avenues and “experiment” with their business.

“It’s a lot of different pieces that come along with that. But that’s one of the main things I always tell the young ladies who ask me questions about fashion. I’m like, ‘Who are you selling to?’ And a lot of times, they don’t know, and then once they figure it out, that’s when they’re able to make sure that they have that merch to satisfy that customer and make that money. Then you can dibble dabble into other things to experiment.”

While on the topic, Rasheeda also shared that — considering how society’s work ethics have changed, “especially post-COVID” — it’s crucial for business owners to curate a solid team while still managing their own expectations and leading by example. IKTR!

“You have to understand building a certain type of team when it comes to a business. You’re trying to get people who are gonna come in and go hard for your business, but understand they’re not gonna go as hard as you because they’re not the business owner. So keeping that in mind and being a manager or owner leading by example and always leading by example is super important.”

Rasheeda Plans To Venture Into Interior Design: “It’s So Up My Alley”

Segueing to discussing the importance of people establishing various streams of income, Rasheeda Frost shared that, after learning about how high-rollin’ millionaires often have diverse sources of revenue, she knew she had to get going on building an empire of her own.

“I think that it’s important because I come from the time where, you, know, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ type of thing. And then later on, you learn that millionaires have at least seven streams of income. And I’m like, ‘Hmm, that’s what I want to be, so let me get started!'”

Additionally, she acknowledged that — when it comes to honing in on different business pursuits — it’s important to explore areas of genuine interest.

“I look at it like, you should always dibble and dabble into things that feel good to you. … Don’t spread yourself too thin, and my husband and I always talk about doing things that are of us — that we love, that we know we want to pour into. Sometimes, especially nowadays, people just want to act like they’ve got businesses just to be acting like they got ’em.”

Summing up her thoughts, Rasheeda shared, “We really do things that we love and enjoy … “You want to be your brands, and you want to exude them. And if you’re not exuding them, how do you expect people to buy into it?”

While Rasheeda Frost already has plenty of pursuits on her plate, she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon — and she has her sights set on embarking on a new journey!

In fact, we wrapped up our conversation by asking the businesswoman for an idea of what else she has up her sleeve, and she spilled the tea on what her fans could expect to see in the near future.

First and foremost, she said she’s “planning on trying to practice really good consistency all across the board.” Rasheeda added, “And this it with business, with family, with everything.”

In addition to “being consistent with the things” she already has on her plate, she revealed that she’s considering pursuing interior design.

“I wanna get into interior design. I think that would just be so freakin’ cool. It’s so up my alley — I like to do things I love, and I’ve come to realize that becomes my therapy.”

So, while Rasheeda’s already running quite the empire, she’s still planning her expansions while focusing on “consistency” and, of course, sharing her words of wisdom with the Roomies!

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