Chile, the last few weeks have been filled with the ongoing relationship drama involving “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Ray J and his wife Princess Love. Everyday there seems to be a new development—but this latest one could mean that all the messiness is over.

#Roommates, by now you already know that during the recent Soul Train Awards where Ray J was a co-host on the red carpet, his wife Princess Love accused him of leaving her and their daughter Melody stranded with no way home. That accusation was followed with Princess being blocked on Instagram, her airing out his alleged hangouts with strippers and stating that she was going to file papers to officially go through with a divorce.

Earlier this week, things seemed to have settled a little when Ray J was finally reunited with his daughter after not seeing her for a bit. He posted a video of little Melody asleep on his chest and referred to her as his “heart.”

Well, the latest social media activity by Ray J appears to mean that the couple have made up…at least for now. He posted a video to his IG stories of Princess in the middle of a pregnancy photo shoot, as he is heard saying how amazing she looks and how good the photos will turn out.

As for the divorce proceedings, well we don’t know if it’s still moving forward. However, if the two of them are now able to be in the same room and pleasant enough with each other to take photos—then things just may be back to normal.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?