It looks like Raz B has found himself in trouble with the law once again. This time he was arrested for a DUI.

According to TMZ, Raz was arrested for a DUI out in Burbank, CA around 3am Wednesday after an officer allegedly saw him run a red light. Sources reportedly told the site that he told the officer that he was lost and didn’t have his driver’s license.

The officer smelled alcohol on him, and he admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana earlier that night. A field sobriety test was conducted and he did not pass. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

As we previously reported, last year Raz B found himself in some legal trouble after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in Minnesota while on the B2K Tour. It was later revealed that he was not charged for the incident. The lack of evidence caused prosecutors to drop the case. Raz claimed that his girlfriend was violent towards him and he was only defending himself.

Back in November, it was announced that there would be another Millenium Tour, however, B2K was not a part of the tour. At the time Raz B exclusively told us that he was falling back this time around and congratulated all of the acts that are on the tour for the second time around.




TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94