Raz-B Reignites Feud With Ray J, 3 Days After Calling A Truce

Raz-B Reignites Feud With Ray J, Three Days After Calling A Truce

Just three days after calling a truce with fellow R&B singer Ray J, Raz-B is reneging on the decision. According to HipHopDX, the B2K group member is sharing some not-too-nice choice words with the “One Wish” singer.

Ray J And Raz-B Got Into A Recent Scuffle

As The Shade Room previously reported, the singers recently got into a minor scuffle. And a video of the incident began circulating on social media.

Apparently, the disagreement sprouted from a business disagreement regarding a production project that the pair have teamed up on. Ray J expressed that he wanted to abandon the project because the content being showcased became violent. And he explained that it is “bad for the culture.”

Although Ray-B agreed with Ray J’s stance, he explained that shutting down the project would make him look “crazy” to those that invested in it.

If the company wants to put the footage out, what can I do if they pay for it?

Ray J, however, wanted to prioritize the subjects of production and their well-being. Rather than the money being paid by investors to cover production costs.

My intention is to help at the end of it all, get all of those people help and guidance.

Ray J Shared News Of His & Raz’s Truce, But It Was Short-Lived

In an exclusive update with TSR, shared on January 13Ray J explained that the scuffle between him and Raz was a “misunderstanding.”

We had a misunderstanding — I didn’t even push him like that — and I’m taking a pic with that girl and that’s why u hear ‘Bobby you should be up here!’ Clearly, you can see her posing for a pic smh. Come on Raz! Damn, I can’t win for losing.

However, just three days later, Raz-B took to Instagram to challenge Ray J physically.

You can never beat me! Brandys brother! Ima fuck you up @rayj Don’t be trying to bully me Having @wack100 call my phone.

Raz-B then posted more videos of him continuing to challenge Ray.

Additionally, he continued to taunt the “One Wish” singer with memes.

Roommates, are you ready for this feud between the R&B singers to finally end?


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