Reginae Carter Said She’s ‘Not Making Anyone Famous Again’ Following Her Breakup With YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter Said She’s ‘Not Making Anyone Famous Again’ Following Her Breakup With YFN Lucci

Alexa, play “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce. Reginae Carter has a few things to say.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Reginae let it be known what her next relationship will not be.

“I’m not bringing no dudes on the show,” Reginae said six months after ending her relationship with YFN Lucci. “I’m not making nobody famous. I’m not putting nobody on no more.” 

Their relationship received side-eye out the gate given the 8-year age gap between them. The couple had their ups and downs for the year they dated but it seems Reginae finally had enough of Lucci’s antics following his appearance at Trouble’s infamous cucumber party. The party took place in August of 2019.

Now that sis has moved on, Reginae says she may have to leave her home of Atlanta to find love and she has her eyes set on the opposite coast.

“It’s hard dating in Atlanta — everybody knows everybody … I definitely feel like I need to leave and go to LA; that’s like, probably the only place that I can go,” Reginae said. ”It is hard to decipher who’s real and who’s fake. All I can say to myself and other people is keep checking your bank account.” 

Not too long ago, YFN Lucci was also doing some talking about his past relationship where he too discussed the cucumber party and the age difference between him and Reginae.

“I’m me bro. If you ain’t gon’ like me, I ain’t trying to change or make you f**k with me,” Lucci said during an interview when asked if he wished to take back his involvement with Trouble’s cucumber party (that followed social media’s infamous #Cucumberchallenge).

Lucci also suggested that age could have been a factor in their breakup but when asked if he had the responsibility to portray a different image with Reginae because her father is Lil Wayne, Lucci replied, “Hell nah. It’s what he do.”

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