Reginae Carter Reveals Two Men Tried To Break Into Her Home

Reginae Carter Reveals Two Men Tried To Break Into Her Home

At around 8 o’clock on Monday (May 8) evening, Reginae Carter shared on her Twitter that two men tried to break into her home.

In her vulnerable tweet about the attempted break-in, Reginae shares that this incident was a “sign” and says that she wants to be “more private” and to herself in the future.

This is my sign to get Tf out of here .. and to be more private and more to myself about everything


Reginae Carter Growing Up In The Spotlight

Reginae, the daughter of Hip-Hop legend Lil Wayne, is not a stranger to the spotlight. In fact, the majority of her life was spent in the public eye. She was only a newborn when her father broke off into his solo career following the release of his debut project ‘Tha Block Is Hot’ in 1999.

And, outside of being the daughter of one of the most influential and successful rappers in the world, she is also the daughter of a reality TV personality, Toya (Johnson) Rushing. Toya starred in one of the most-watched shows on BET.

Reginae Carter Builds Brand & Paves Her Path

While it is known who Reginae Carter’s parents are, she still managed to pave her own path. From being a member of the trendsetting all-girls group OMG Girlz to building a brand for herself as a tv personality, influencer, and actress.

In essence, she became a Gen Z It Girl for her looks, hair, beauty, and all of the above!

In July 2022, after linking up with A’rmon Warren, Reginae began getting into her YouTube bag following a year-long hiatus. Her channel allows an audience of over 440,000 subscribers to see another side of her through vlogs, Q&A, and behind-the-scenes content.


Celebrities and Their History With Home Invasions

Unfortunately, this is not the first celebrity home invasion or attempted home invasion we’ve heard about. It’s not even the first one we’ve heard about this year.

In January, influencer CJ So Cool was shot four times after someone broke into his home.

Netflix released a limited series in 2022 called ‘The Real Bling Ring’ telling the story of a group of teenagers in 2009 who broke into celebrity homes to steal.

While the purpose of social media is to connect, the result of having so much access to a person’s life can give folks the wrong idea of someone’s right to privacy.


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