Remember Aleisha Allen & Philip Bolden From ‘Are We There Yet?’ They Are All Grown Up & We Caught Up With Them To See Where They Are Now & To Reflect On Their Memorable Roles

Remember Aleisha Allen & Philip Bolden From ‘Are We There Yet?’ They Are All Grown Up & We Caught Up With Them To See Where They Are Now & To Reflect On Their Memorable Roles

Where They At Now: Now ya’ll already know that the early 2000s were filled with just as many memorable moments for the culture just like any other era. Whether it was from fashion, music, and even film. And during that time artists such as Ice Cube were turning their brands into empires through different outlets.

During that time, Ice Cube was very much the go-to person when it came to films and he continued to add role after role to his resume. In 2005, he starred in the box office hit “Are We There Yet?” and shared the spotlight with two unique child stars.

Now I know ya’ll remember Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden, as they starred as the brother and sister duo Kevin and Lindsey Kingston. In the film, they gave Ice Cube’s character, Nick Pearsons a run for his money, which resulted in various hilarious moments. The film’s success led to the release of the 2007 sequel “Are We Done Yet?” adding to the franchise’s success.

We caught up with Aleisha and Philip to reflect on their memorable roles, where they are today, and even if they would be willing to star in another film if a third film for the franchise were to happen.


Check out what they had to say below:


Many of our Roommates have grown up with you as you have starred in some of our favorite shows and films during your childhood. One of your most memorable roles was definitely in “Are We There Yet?” & “Are We Done Yet?” Nonetheless, you have had a significant role in many people’s lives.

Q: How is it knowing that you have been a part of something that many people have already deemed an early classic?

Aleisha: It’s an honor! While filming, I remember us all really having fun and being encouraged to push “Lindsey” to the limits. In retrospect, I see the importance of the film, and realizing how much power my character had— all in her lip gloss, braces, and that pink coat! Most of my work was done pre-social media (commercials, print, radio, voiceovers, etc.). So, for “Are We There Yet?” to have the same reach now, as it did in ‘05, speaks to the quality of the entire production.

Philip: It’s kind of overwhelming still. I get people, a lot around my age, coming up to me all these years later saying they grew up with “Are We There Yet?” And I’m just like, yeah, me too! But I consider it a huge blessing that I was able to experience something that contributed to some good memories.


Q: What would say was one of the biggest lessons you learned earlier on in your career? From either any television appearance or movie role?

Aleisha: I was blessed to be part of some really meaningful projects (“Blue’s Clues”, “Out of the Box”, etc.) that incorporated important life lessons, in general. I was also fortunate to have an upbringing that taught me how to remain grounded and allowed me to be an actual kid. Even down to my look; my mom chose not to compromise that little Black girls my age, at the time, were wearing braids and ponytails with barrettes. Because my passion for this developed so young, my parents knew it was important to instill personal value within me—so that I didn’t lose myself before I even had the chance to develop who I was.

Philip: I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of Black icons as a kid, and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from being around them is that as long as something is enjoyable, it hardly qualifies as a “job”. You can work harder than anybody at that thing, but you’ll never labor at it.


Q: Philip, we see there has been some time since you were last on the big screen, are you still actively working when it comes to acting? What other things outside of acting have captured your attention over the past few years?

Philip: I’ve been in the shadows, yeah! I actually made the decision to take acting beyond “that thing I do” to the artform I want to get better at and make a career out of. I studied abroad at LAMDA, one of England’s best drama schools, for three years, and I’ve been establishing myself as an adult in the industry since. Still got hobbies though: writing, in particular, is something I’m passionate about. Hopefully, y’all will see something I’ve created on the screen someday soon.

Photo Credit: Philip Bolden/ Aleisha L. Allen

Q: Aleisha, we see that you are now in the medical field, and you have been documenting different moments in your medical career through your #LabCoatLeisha hashtag on social media. When did you develop an interest in the medical field?

Aleisha: Since, always! (sidebar: I used to win ribbons at the school science fairs, in The Bronx, between filming, haha!).  When I decided to study Communication Science & Disorders as a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, I saw the parallels between performance and providing therapy—and pretty much geeked out.

Q: Because we are living through a global pandemic, and you have been on the front line, and you have experienced some things firsthand. Can you share with us a little bit of your experience going through this pandemic?

Aleisha: There are too many experiences to name; the world, as we know it, has definitely changed in every way. Please continue to take this seriously, stay safe, and to acknowledge healthcare professionals. It’s definitely appreciated because, we see a lot— sometimes too much to process, or explain.


Q: Now I’m sure you guys know that we are living through a time where there are a lot of reboots, and/ or sequels being made for television and film. If there was an opportunity, to do the third installment for the “Are We There Yet?”/ “Are We Done Yet?” franchise, would you be down for doing that?

Aleisha: I’m not opposed to it! I’m down for preserving “classics”, but, listen, after the year we’ve had so far, the classics have been a comfort. I hope to start using the experience I’ve gained during my hiatus, for different roles, soon. (I miss it!)

Philip: A lot of my best childhood memories come from those film sets, so I’d definitely be down for the nostalgia trip. I gotta drive the car and fight the wildlife this time though. Nick needed backup, for real.


Q: Are there any upcoming projects you guys may have that you want our Roommates to look out for?

Aleisha: I am currently a free agent, and I’d like to take my talents back to acting and performance!

Philip: Once the pandemic is in the past and production ramps back up, hopefully, I’ll be on everybody’s screen. In the meantime, I’ve actually been dabbling in music. It’s a different facet of my creative side that no one’s really seen yet, so I hope to share that soon, God willing.



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