Remy Ma Says "It's Not Important" For Female Rappers To Write Their Own Lyrics But That She Writes Hers

Remy Ma Says “It’s Not Important” For Female Rappers To Write Their Own Lyrics But That She Writes Hers

Pushing your own pen has been a long-debated topic in the hip-hop industry, especially in the rap game. And artist Remy Ma recently gave her thoughts on the topic during a conversation with MC and podcast host Math Hoffa. The 13-minute video, published on March 1, began with a “tough question” from Math.

“Well let’s get to the tough questions. How important is it for a female to write her own lyrics,” Math asked.

“It’s not important,” Remy responded.

At this point, Math went deeper into the question asking “It’s not important at all?” Then, he followed up by asking “has someone ever written for you.” Remy Ma responded, “no.”


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Remy Ma On Using A Ghostwriter For Herself

When Math asked if Remy would allow someone to write for her, again she responded no. The conversation continued with some back-and-forth between the importance of writing your own words and Remy choosing to push her own pen. She clarified again that no one has ever written for her, but that she’s “written for other people.”

“No, it’s not important, but I just feel like nobody writes better than me,” Remy Ma said.

When Math and other guests pointed out that they think Remy’s statements are contradicting, the female rapper clarified her point.

“It’s not that I wouldn’t take…there’s been times where producers sometimes they’ll have a hook that’s already there or something like that,” Remy said. “But, I just feel like I like the way I think and I like the way my mind works and it’s something that I do. It’s just my craft that I do.”
Remy continued to explain her viewpoint about writing her own material.
“Does it matter to me? Yes,” Remy Ma confirmed. “If I know you don’t write your sh*t, I’m going to look at you crazy. I’m going to treat you differently. Me, personally. In the grand scope of things, in the world, no, but don’t talk to me like your pen gold cause I’m going to talk to you crazy. But it doesn’t matter.”
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