Roommates, in a very awkward interview, Amara La Negra sits down with Jesse Lee Peterson, who insists that there is no such thing as “African-Americans”.

Since coming into the industry, Amara has faced so much backlash about. how she identifies in terms of her ethnicity. As an afro-latina, Amara identifies with both the African American and Latina cultures that she has grown up in.

However, she has been faced with fighting a lonesome battle of being a woman of color in multiple cultures. On many occasions, Amara has been clowned for her afro, her latin accent, and even the color of her skin.

Peterson also tells Amara she would be much further in her career if she didn’t openly refer to herself as an Afro-Latina.

“Don’t do the afro stuff because they’re never going to accept you,” he said.

What’s y’all take on this, Roomies?!