'RHOA' Fans React To Drew Sidora Calling Shereé Whitfield OUT

‘RHOA’ Fans React To Drew Sidora Calling Shereé Whitfield OUT: ‘She Always Gets Eaten Up’

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Shereé Whitfield and Drew Sidora are butting heads over matters relating to business, finances, and good ol’ payback. The situation came to a head in the latest episode, which ended with Drew calling out Shereé before leaving the table in tears.

In the wake of this feud, viewers are overwhelmingly siding with the Step Up actress and letting the first-time “Glam-ma” know they are not here for her antics!

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What’s The Situation Between Drew Sidora And Shereé Whitfield?

The overall beef between Drew and Shereé started with some standard shade last season, though Whitfield’s issue with her grew once she caught wind of some comments Sidora made after the reunion.

Specifically, Shereé didn’t appreciate Drew saying that Whitfield “confiscat[ed]” the SHE by Shereé merch that she showed off at the reunion, though Sidora noted that she was merely telling the truth.

While Drew and Shereé hashed this matter out during a past episode, the issues between the two bubbled up on the latest episode of RHOA — which featured Whitfield taking the ladies on a “healing” trip to Portugal.

During a dinner held on the first night, Sidora addressed Whitfield and expressed feeling disappointed over how Shereé casually brought up a lawsuit that Drew was facing.

In turn, Shereé Whitfield giddily let Drew Sidora know that she also felt let down when SHE by Shereé was bashed, prompting Drew to point out that they already worked that issue out.

After some more back and forth, Drew noted that Shereé was indeed “confiscating” the merch at the reunion, which Whitfield denied. However, Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss backed up Drew’s account, though Shereé dug her heels into the ground.

Then, Sidora tore into Whitfield and questioned why she’s hosting a “healing” trip when she’s “incapable of moving forward” and “can’t heal [her] d*mn self.” Oop!

At that point, Drew detailed how upset she was by Shereé not acknowledging her hurt, though Whitfield was unmoved and declared, “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” Finally, the interaction ended with Drew getting emotional and leaving the table.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Fans Chime In On Twitter

While Shereé appears to have run Drew away from their group dinner, she faced plenty of heat online over the way that she acted during the episode.

Many fans were HERE for Drew shutting Shereé down and calling her out on her “healing” claims.

Whitfield was also bashed for “always [getting] eaten up” when she’s “such a seasoned and multi-fired Housewife.”

One user even called Shereé “delusional” for insisting that Drew, Kenya, and Kandi were all wrong about the SHE by Shereé situation. Oop!

On the flip side, Drew Sidora got props for “handling things maturely” while still calling Shereé Whitfield out.

Drew Stands Firm On The Confiscation Allegations

It’s also worth noting that Drew doubled down on her confiscation comments during the RHOA After Show.

“I didn’t get any SHE by Shereé [although] it was on a rack presented [to us]. Just to know that everything on the rack was not available was kind of disappointing.”

As for Shereé, she expressed disbelief over Kenya and Kandi backing up Drew’s story and continued to state that she did not have the SHE by Shereé items confiscated.


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