Robyn Addresses Rumor That Juan Cheated During Pandemic

Robyn Dixon Admits Juan Dixon Cheating Rumor Is True: ‘Yes, Juan Was An Idiot’

Robyn Dixon of The Real Housewives of Potomac admitted she was aware of Juan Dixon’s infidelity ahead of cheating chatter hitting the internet.

The admission was made during the latest episode of the Reasonably Shady podcast. While Karen Huger unapologetically hurled allegations about Juan during the cast trip to Mexico, Robyn specifically addressed a TikTok that accused her partner of dating a woman for “over a year” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Juan Dixon Accused Of Dating Mistress For Over A Year

The TikTok was uploaded by a Maryland-based user known as @georgiosays last week, and he shared that an unnamed woman reached out to speak on the situation.

The woman shared that she and Juan dated towards the end of the pandemic for over a year, and she also said that Robyn knows about what’s going on but supposedly asked the woman to not make the information public.

Numerous receipts were provided for credibility, including a photo of a hotel invoice with Juan Dixon’s personal information.

Furthermore, the woman troublingly accused Juan of liking to “meet girls [to] have his way with them and then pass them off to his friends.”


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Robyn Dixon Admits She Was ‘Aware Of The Situation’ Ahead Of Season 7

On Monday’s new episode of Reasonably Shady, Robyn spoke on the matter by outright admitting that she was “aware of the situation” before filming for season 7 kicked off.

“I was aware of the situation before we filmed season 7…All of season 7, I’m just, like, waiting for someone to bring it up.”

She continued to assure viewers, “I expected to talk about it on season 7.”

Additionally, Robyn shared that the ordeal “was something [they] had to work through.” As reports about Robyn and Juan tying the knot recently began circulating, it seems like they certainly worked through it!

“The situation, when it was presented to me, was handled, was discussed. It was something we had to work through. It was not something we were like, ‘Oh, okay, whatever.'”

Robyn Clarifies That Juan ‘Did Not Date’ The Woman: ‘He Needs Attention’

Robyn continued, admitting that Juan did communicate with the woman on social media. However, she clarified that they “did not date.”

She also proclaimed that Juan didn’t fly the woman anywhere and suggested that the hotel invoice wasn’t salacious.

“Yes, Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman of Instagram. Whatever—he’s bored, he needs attention, it’s the pandemic. Whatever. However, they did not date, he did not fly her anywhere, and there is a reason why his name is on a hotel receipt, which I will share on Patreon. And the reason is not because he asked her to come and volunteered to pay for this hotel room.”

After accusing the woman of initially attempting to “bribe Juan,” Robyn confirmed that the couple is “moving forward.”

“With respect to Juan and I, we dealt with the situation, and it was definitely something we had to work through relationship-wise. Maybe that’s why the wedding didn’t happen when y’all wanted it to…It was something that we dealt with, and we’re moving forward.”

People React To The News On Twitter

With Robyn officially responding to the TikTok in question, people on social media began chiming in on the matter.

Some fans pointed out how, with Robyn’s explanation, some of the events that went down during the season began adding up. Someone even proclaimed, “JUSTICE FOR KAREN,” as it appears as though her allegations may not be complete hogwash.

People also went in on Robyn, as many felt as though she was making excuses for Juan.

Candiace Dillard Bassett and Chris Bassett also appeared to share their thoughts on the matter. As Chris was hit with accusations from three different women this season, he appeared to be particularly fed up with the “FALSEHOODS & LIES.”

What do you think about Robyn Dixon’s revelation, and do you believe she and Juan are in it for the long haul?


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