'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Sentenced To 6.5 Years In Federal Prison

‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Sentenced To 6.5 Years In Federal Prison

It’s official: Jen Shah of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has received a 78-month prison sentence in her high-profile wire fraud case.

The news came on Friday in a New York City courthouse, as indicated by live coverage provided by NBC News. On top of her 6.5-year sentence, Jen will be required to complete five years of supervised release.

What The Attorneys Had To Say About Jen Shah

While addressing the court, Jen’s defense attorney spoke on the events that led up to this point.

As RHOSLC fans will know, Jen has firmly proclaimed her innocence on the series, with her season 2 tagline being, “The only thing I’m guilty of is being Shah-mazing.” Jen also firmly shot down speculation that she had defrauded senior citizens by saying, “I’m innocent!”

She held this stance up until she pleaded guilty to wire fraud back in July, after which Bravo began to distance itself from Shah.

Regarding her initial proclamations of innocence, attorney Priya Chaudhry explained that Jen “was lost for months in an echo chamber of her own denial.” However, the lawyer says Jen is now ready to “pay her debt to society.”

“Every day since she has plead guilty, she has read names and prayed for forgiveness but she cannot forgive herself. She understands she cannot undo these things and the things she has caused their families but she does acknowledge today is about justice.”

As for the prosecution, attorney Robert Sobelman held Jen to the fire and explained that she “worked hard to make as much money for herself at the expense of vulnerable people.”

Sobelman also doubled down on recommending a 10-year sentence, saying, “We think a 120-month sentence would be appropriate.” Meanwhile, Jen’s attorneys sought a three-year sentence.

Jen Receives 78 Months & Shares Her Piece: ‘I Promise To Repay’

Ultimately, Judge Sidney Stein sentenced Jen to 6.5 years and acknowledged that innocent people suffered “financial and emotional devastation” at the hands of the Bravolebrity.

“I don’t know if she appreciates the harm she has caused. I hope she has, I heard the words. Those people have no way of being made full again… If they are financially, they won’t be emotionally.”

Stein also wished Jen well as she prepares to serve out her sentence.

“I do wish you luck. I know you can put this behind you and when you get out you can rebuild your life.”

Shah was then able to speak, and she reflected on her family upbringing, which was centered on “mutual respect, fulfillment of obligations, humility and generosity, loyalty and respect.”

“I have to come to terms that I have gone against these core values and I am deeply sorry for what I have done.”

Notably, Jen promised to “pay full restitution to all of the victims.”

“I want to apologize to all the victims and families, and I take full responsibility for the harm I caused and will pay full restitution to all of the victims. I recognize that some of you lost hundreds and others lost thousands and I promise to repay.”

Shah didn’t issue any further statements after the sentencing, and she has to surrender herself on February 17. While she requested to be sent to a facility in Texas, it’s currently unclear where exactly Jen will serve out her sentence.

Housewives Twitter Was A MESS Throughout This Journey

Jen’s sentencing wrapped up quite the sage on Housewives Twitter, and reactions to the news was mixed.

You can also see some of the buzz that came ahead of the news down below.

What do you think about Jen Shah getting 6.5 years in prison?


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